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PostSubject: BLYTHE KINGDOM BANNING POLICY   Fri Jan 25, 2013 12:53 pm


Takes effect January 30th 9AM EST

- We reserve the right to ban anyone we rule unfit for this forum.

- Any member breaking any of the General, Marketplace, Feedback and/or Paging/Problem section rules, several times and/or refuse to follow rules, will be banned from the forum.

- Any member caught sharing Blythe Kingdom accounts will be banned from the forum.

- Anyone on this forum caught threatening the physical well being or stalking of another forum member either on this forum through PMs or outside of this forum will have their account deleted without notice or explanation. Internet threats and/or harassment is a crime punishable by law and can be reported to your local authorities.

- Anyone caught advertising and/or spamming the forum will be banned from the forum.

- Any paged users who does not respond to the page within seven days, will have their account deactivated. If you do not respond after seven days you will be banned. If you have logged in and not responded, you will have your account banned.

- Once you are banned from this forum, you may not join and/or participate in this forum again. Any new accounts will be banned.

For a list of banned members please contact the administrators of the forum. Please provide a reason for the list.
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