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PostSubject: RULES FOR THE MARKETPLACE   RULES FOR THE MARKETPLACE Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2013 12:59 pm


Any member who does not follow the rules below will have their post removed and then PM'd. We reserve the right to remove any posts we see not following the rules.

- All general forum rules must be followed in the marketplace section.

BUYING/SELLING/TRADING - On Blythe Kingdom, buying/selling/trading is at your own risk. Use your best judgement. The BK Staff is not online 24/7. If any member is breaking the following rules - use your best judgement whether or not to make the transaction.

- RESEARCH - Prior to buying/selling ask for feedback (forum feedback, eBay, etsy etc). You may also check Bad Dolly Deals and Den of Angel's (DOA).

- DO NOT REMOVE PHOTOS/DESCRIPTIONS from your SOLD sales posts. It is for both the buyer/seller's protection.

- PHOTOS, PRICE & DETAILS - A photo is required at all times. You must provide photos of the actual item you are trying to sell. Stock Doll photos are not allowed. NRFB items must have pictures. You must post the condition of the item, whether it was NRFB or used. You must have a price listed unless you are taking offers.

- TAKING OFFERS - Forum auctions must have a starting price, end date & time, and "buy it now" option. Please do not countdown as your auction is coming to an end (i.e. just 2 hours to go, just 1 hour to go, just 34 minutes 30 seconds to go!).

- NO EXCESSIVE BUMPING - One bump per 24hrs is allowed.

- NO DISCUSSION - On going discussion is disallowed in the Marketplace! Polls are not allowed in the sales section as well.

* Price Policing is attacking someone because of their listed price and/or questioning the sellers price.
* Thread Hijacking is taking over someone's thread. Please post your own thread if you are looking to sell/buy.

- FAKE DOLLS - If you are selling a TBL/Factory/Fake/Recast please make it known. Please note, all terminologies should be known that they are FAKE and not authentic dolls. Buy Fake dolls at your own risk.

- PAYPAL ONLY - The only form of payment that is allowed on this forum is Paypal.
The following payment websites and form of payments are banned from BK: Cash, Money Order, Check, Amazon Payments, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Google Wallet, Xoom, Pay Simple, Money Gram, DixiPay, Walmart MoneyCenter and etc.  
It is your duty as a forum member to report to an administrator if someone is asking you via PM, to pay using another website/form of payment other than Paypal.

- PAYPAL ACCOUNTS - You must use your own Paypal account. If its your significant other or husband account it is allowed, otherwise you must use your own (ie: no using a friend's paypal account).  
It is your duty as a forum member to report  to an administrator if someone is asking you via PM, to pay using a Paypal account that does not belong to them.

- NO GIFT PAYMENTS - Sending payments as gift via Paypal will not protect you with bad transactions. It is your duty as a forum member to report to an administrator if someone is asking you via PM, to pay as a gift.

- NO ASKING OTHERS TO PAY PAYPAL FEES - This is against Paypal terms. Please pay your own fees or add them into your listed price. You can calculate your fees using this website - or
It is your duty as a forum member to report to an administrator if someone is asking you via PM, to pay fees.

- LAYAWAY - Layaway/Layby is allowed on the forum, however Paypal will NOT support you if you decided to back out on a sale. They will not refund you the payments you've made. Please use layaway with caution.

- NO RAFFLES - This is against Paypal terms. Raffling is a forum of gambling, and since there are minors on this forum, that is illegal.
It is your duty as a forum member to report to an administrator if someone is asking you via PM, to participate in a raffle.

- CURRENCY - Type of currency must be stated in the sales post. If you are selling in Euros, AUD, etc, please state it in your sales post. If you are using the $, it will default to USD.

- UPDATE SALES THREADS - Please update your sales post if you have sold or have an item on hold.

- NO SIGNATURE ADVERTISING - Please do not sell or buy dolls outside of the sales section. Please do not add items FOR SALE or WTB in your signature. We will edit your signature and them PM later.

- TRADES/SWAPS - Are between two parties are the responsibility of those parties. Prior to dealing with someone, please ask for references or check the Feedback Section, Good Dolly Deals or Bad Dolly Deals on Livejournal.

- TRADES TRANSACTIONS - Pictures are now required when initiating Trades. You must own and have the item in hand as well.

- ONE ACTIVE POST - You are limited to one active post in each of the various Sales sections (i.e. Princess Needing Rescue, Bidding Adieu, Sundries, Seeking Items, Castle Markets, Castle Salons) at a time. You may list as many items as you need to in each post.

- COMPLETED TRANSACTIONS - Any sales post that is on HOLD or marked SOLD will be moved to Fare thee Well. It will be kept there for 90 days.

- ITEM MUST BE IN HAND - The merchandise must be in your possession at all times (i.e. no selling a friend of a friends doll). If you do not have it in hand, you are not allowed to sell it on this forum.

- GROUP ORDERS or PRE-ORDERS - Following the rule above, group orders and pre orders are NOT allowed.

- WTT/WTB - Want to Trade or Want to buy listings for dolls, sundries or services for dolls will be listed in "Seeking/Trading Items." Please mark your posts as “FOUND” or “TRADED” before starting a new one.

- FLICKR - Using Flickr hosted images to sell your items is at your own risk. It is against Flickr's Guidelines. Hotlinking images here could potentially have your Flickr account deleted without notice. Blythe Kingdom is not responsible for deleted Flickr accounts. Please consider uploading your selling images elsewhere.

- BAD TRANSACTIONS - Bad transactions are to be reported to Paypal, Bad Dolly Deals, and/or in the BK feedback section. Discussion regarding bad transactions outside of the feedback section is not permitted.
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